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From the hot spices of the Sichuan province to the fragrant flavours of Guangxi cuisine, your journey through the unique tastes of China begins with Num Num Instant Noodles.

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With each of China’s 23 provinces having a unique approach to their dishes, the food is as diverse as its people. At Num Num, we want to take you on a food odyssey to discover an authentic Chinese food culture that will warm the soul and delight the senses.

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As the old Chinese proverb says "The common people regard food as Heaven." (min yi shi wei tian).

Love Noodles?

Noodles are a staple of Chinese foods - they can be found across every province, from the street hawkers in bustling Sichuan to the Ban Mian noodles of Fujian. If you’re looking to create an authentic Chinese meal or just want a delicious snack, then add Num Num to your dishes.

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Num Num aren’t a pale imitation of real noodles, they are the instant noodles the real China loves.

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